All you need to know about sending your kid to preschool

All you need to know about sending your kid to preschool

Early childhood education is extremely important in a child’s life. Two years of preschool has been thought to be really beneficial for kids and it is highly recommended. The initials years of a child’s life are indeed very important in their overall development. These are the years when kids learn to interact with others, recognize the world around them and become aware.

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The following article talks about why you should enroll your 3-year old kid in preschool.

Benefits of getting 3-year old into preschool

“Neuroscience has shown the early years, particularly birth to eight years, are critical for optimal learning and development. Preschool attendance has shown consistent positive short and long-term effects across the world including in the US, Europe, Canada and New Zealand.” Read more here!

As mentioned above, the initial years of the child’s life are when most of their cognitive skills are developed. These skills prove to be important as the kid grows up. Enrolling kids to preschool is also logical from a long-term perspective as it only helps in creating better human resources for the country. This is why the government also emphasizes and supports for the kids to be sent to preschool. The families can choose a daycare program as per their needs. It makes things easier for working parents who can focus on their careers while the kids are in preschool. The following article by Nadia Khomami on talks about how preschool education is related to better academics.

How does preschool impact the academics of children?

“The research, funded by the government’s department for education, also found that children who go to preschool were significantly more likely to take four or more AS-levels, suggesting that far more preschoolers end up taking an academic route into university than those who do not have the same educational start.” Read More Here!

Kids under the age of 5 years should certainly be enrolled in preschools. According to several studies, kids who have attended preschool seem to be doing great in their academics in future. Preschool indeed gives an excellent start to one’s career. It is also witnessed that kids who are exposed to activities like reading, playing with letters and numbers, and singing preschool rhymes at home get good grades in school. Not all students get the right support from their parents at the right time. Most importantly, quality education in preschool helps the students in becoming better learners. This instinct of developing new concepts helps them later in life. The following article on talks about the pros and cons of preschool.

What are the main pros and cons of preschool?

“Early learning is a unique advantage of preschool. In the right program, your child will learn plenty of academic and pre-academic skills. This can give them a leg up when they start school. In most preschools, your child will learn a wide range of cognitive, social, and language skills.” Read more here!

Thus, preschool is an amazing option for kids as it provides a consistent structure for learning and development. The children end up learning a lot of skills including social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills. It should be noted that preschools do not essentially have a lot of one-on-one interaction. However, unlike daycare, they focus more on imbibing academic skills in the students. This makes the little ones well-prepared for the future academia. While daycare might have more flexibility, preschools go by a fixed timing that everyone has to follow. The advantage of sending your kids to preschool is that they will receive formal education and will learn the valuable skill of social interaction.

Preschool is a great option for kids who are aged 3 to 5. It is ideal for kids who are inquisitive and show a lot of interest towards learning. However, if you feel like the kid will have separation anxiety and needs a more personalized attention then it is better to send them to daycare. If you spend most of your time outside the house then daycare is a good option as they have flexible timings. In case of preschools, you have to comply with the rules set by them.