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We are a newspaper from Ghana and we provide unbiased coverage as news occurs.

A debut study by Penplusbytes on fake news in Ghana has shown that the Ghanaian media landscape does not have systems, budgets or trained personnel dedicated to combatting the menace of fake news.

The study, ‘Media Perspectives on fake news in Ghana’, also establishes that in Ghana “bait and click” is the commonest form of fake news content and false headlines without connection to content.

Globally, fake news or hoaxes, usually in the form of misinformation, spin, outright lies and fabrications have been around for a long time. But in recent times, fake news has seen rapid growth due to social media and other new digital tools which are enablers with attendant adverse impact on citizens’ lack of trust not only in the news media but also key governance institutions. Naturally, the Ghanaian media landscape is not excluded from this global epidemic.

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